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Hi guys and welcome to our blog. If you’re wondering who we are, and why you’re here then… carry on reading. We’re in our early 20’s, have been together since 2012 and love exploring new places. So far we have been to 14 countries together and we are hoping to visit 52 more countries within the next year. As of January 2020, we are bored of the 9-5 jobs and planning to travel as much of the world as possible. We’d love for you to join us on this journey. So, grab the TV remote, turn off Netflix and join us on our around the world adventures… see what we did there?!

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Chiang Mai, Thailand

Some of you may have already read a bit about our hotel in Chiang Mai from our recent review (if you haven’t, have a look here) so you know about how great our hotel was. This was one of the main reasons we extended our stay here from 2 days to 6 days, and weContinue reading “Chiang Mai, Thailand”

Udon Thani, Thailand

So we spent 2 days in Udon Thani, like you we hadn’t heard of it before either. It’s in the north west of Thailand, about 50 miles from the border with Laos and the capital there, Vientiane. We really enjoyed our time here though. It’s a small city, so there isn’t a massive amount toContinue reading “Udon Thani, Thailand”

Phuket, Thailand

Life’s a beach. Well there is a lot of beaches in Phuket. Before we start we thought we’d enlighten you, the name is actually pronounced ‘Pooh-ket’ by the locals. Quite far from what we originally thought! Phuket is a well known place in Thailand, it’s an area on the west coast and is covered inContinue reading “Phuket, Thailand”

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